Friday, 11 December 2015

A Secure message exchange and anti-jamming mechanism in manet

International Journal for Scientific Research and Development

S Sevvanthi , Vivekanandha College Of Engineering Forr Women; G Arul Kumaran, Vivekanandha College Of Engineering For Women


Secure neighbor discovery is the fundamental process in the MANET deployed in aggressive environment. It refers to the process that nodes exchange messages to discover and authenticate each other. It is defenseless to the jamming attack in which the adversary intentionally transmits signals to prevent neighboring nodes from exchanging messages. Existing anti-jamming communications depends on JR-SND. The JR-SND, a jamming-resilient secure neighbor discovery scheme for MANETs based on Random spread-code pre-distribution and Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS). In Existing, they prevent the jamming and introduce the anti-jamming mechanism using DSSS introduce the secure message exchange mechanism and prevent the collisions during packet transmission. But in this we lack of introducing to detect the selfish and malicious nodes in the network. For this, in the Future Work we will enhance the work by detecting the selfish nodes using Watchdog and Neighbor Coverage-based Probabilistic Rebroadcast Protocol (NCPR).

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